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Would you like to start your career at MEDICE? Then we look forward to receiving your application, online or by post. As soon as we have your application, you will receive a confirmation from us by email. We will then look through your application with the relevant department. At MEDICE we promote equal professional opportunities for women and men and foster a good work-life balance. Mutual respect, diversity and inclusion are important values in our JobFamily. This means that, in the event of applicants being equally suitable and equally well qualified, we will give preference to applicants (m/f/d) living with severe disabilities.

For us it is very important that we are a good fit for one another, so meeting in person is vital. If both sides have a good feeling after the first and second interviews, we may even be able to show you your future work area straight away. Then we can start! We’ll prepare the contract for signature and get everything ready for your first day at work. To help you find your way around and be well prepared for your new area of responsibility, we will draw up a detailed induction plan for you. Welcome to the MEDICE JobFamily! 

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Getting started at MEDICE

Still have questions? You’ll find the answers here.

Have you researched a suitable job profile and read about the application process but still have questions? Here we list the answers to some frequently asked questions.


Are all applications submitted online or do you also accept traditional postal applications?

Both are possible: if you’re applying online, please send your application to bewerbung@medice.de; if you’re applying by post, please send your application to MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG, HR department, Kuhloweg 37, 58638 Iserlohn, Germany.

Can I apply for more than one job at once?

We are delighted if you can see yourself doing more than one job at MEDICE. Simply list the relevant jobs in the subject line. As so often in life, however, less is more – your main area of interest and professional direction should come across clearly.

How do I find out whether the advertised position is still available?

Our website is constantly updated – all published job opportunities are current.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my application?

If you have questions or would like to personalise your covering letter, please contact Lea Krüger or Karina Blach. But you can also contact the HR department by email: bewerbung@medice.de or via WhatsApp on +49 173 392 8092.

Is there a closing date for applications?

No, we just draw up a shortlist. Since we want to give a chance to as many applicants as possible, we also accept suitable applications during the first interview rounds.

I can’t find a suitable job opportunity – is it possible to send in a speculative application?

Please do! We’re pleased you’re so committed. In this case, it is particularly important that you highlight your profile and any specialist areas, and tell us which area you would like to work in. 

Why is the advertised job only temporary?

Because of the many regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, you will need lots of training and an intensive induction, particularly in the first few months, before you can start working in your actual job. So the time limit on the job is an extended probation period. We want to be sure that you have enough time to get to know your area of work and the special context of the pharmaceutical industry properly. At MEDICE we think long-term, so we’re looking for long-term support – we want the decision to be well thought through. If things go well, temporary contracts are often converted to permanent ones well before they run out.

When will I get a response to my application?

You will receive a confirmation by email as soon as we have your application. The time it takes to receive an invitation to an interview or a rejection depends on the number of applications we receive, but you will usually hear from us in less than four weeks.

What documents do I need to include in a full application?

Please send us a short covering letter stating the job you are applying for, a CV and your main qualification certificates. As well as your contact details and salary expectations, please let us know how much notice you need to give your current employer or the earliest date you are able to start work at MEDICE. 

What language should I write my application in?

The language we use at MEDICE is German. For clear communications with all employees, your German should be good enough to understand documents and correspondence in the complex context of the pharmaceutical industry without any difficulty. 

What is the status of my application?

You may send enquiries at any time by email bewerbung@medice.de or WhatsApp +49 173 392 8092. You can also contact Ms Lea Krüger +49 2371 937-540 or Ms Karina Blach +49 2371 937-171 directly. We will always get back to you. Sometimes we may have to ask you to be patient – especially if we have received a large number of applications. But you can be sure that everyone will be given the same opportunity. 

Is there a dress code?

No, there is no dress code at MEDICE. As long as you are dressed appropriately for your position, that is perfectly adequate.

School pupils, apprentices and students

I would like to do an internship, find work as a student or write my final year dissertation in collaboration with MEDICE – does MEDICE offer these kinds of jobs/places too?

We are delighted that you are interested in MEDICE! Not all our positions for school pupils and students are advertised, so please do send us a speculative application as soon as possible. Positions in the QC, Galenics and QA pharmaceutical areas and in IT are usually planned a year in advance. 

How long does an internship at MEDICE last?

Everything is possible – from a taster day as part of a school careers guidance programme, or a voluntary or compulsory internship in the holidays, to internships lasting several months as part of a university degree, retraining or apprenticeship.

Can I also apply for holiday or part-time jobs in the school or university holidays?

Yes, please do. However, school holiday jobs are only open to pupils aged 16 years or over, are only available in the summer holidays and last a minimum of two weeks – please send us your brief application by April of the year in which you wish to start your holiday job. For jobs in the university holidays, please send us your brief application at least two months in advance and state the exact period you are interested in.

When is the closing date for apprenticeship applications?

There is no fixed date, but your application should reach us by November at the latest – ideally by October – because MEDICE apprenticeships always start on 1 August the following year.

First impressions count

Whether you are applying by post or online, first impressions count. Individual identity is important to us at MEDICE, so less is often more, particularly in a covering letter. Avoid overused phrases and show us who you are! If you are a bit uncertain about writing an application, we have put together a few simple tips – now nothing should stand in the way of you applying successfully to MEDICE.

Application tips at a glance

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! If you are applying by post, make sure that your application looks clean and tidy.

Be thorough in the first few lines: a good covering letter includes today’s date and correct spelling.

We look at the whole: make sure your application is complete and that you have remembered to include your covering letter, CV and relevant certificates.

Best to check it twice! Check that the address and contact person’s name are correct.

‘Keep it compact!’ is the key to a successful online application. Save all your documents as a PDF file and send it by email to bewerbung@medice.de.

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