The ambitious ones – Marketing & Sales

Fully committed to people and medicines

At MEDICE our motto is ‘Caring with passion’ – because human well-being is our top priority. When we use our communication skills in Marketing and Sales, we are passionate about what we do and always keep our eyes on this goal. We want to use our expertise to draw the attention of doctors, pharmacists and patients to individual drug therapy routes. This calls for empathy and know-how. To meet the high demand for advice, our Marketing and Sales teams work closely with the medical department so that they can answer questions from a sound scientific basis. From strategy to market analyses to putting together the measures in the marketing mix – we operate across national borders and ensure that we tailor the way we present our products to the target group.

Many educational backgrounds, one common destination

The CVs of the employees at MEDICE are as varied as the people themselves. To work in our branch of the JobFamily, you need to have completed an apprenticeship or degree course. This need not necessarily be in a business context – we also welcome people from other fields. We have several talented salespeople from other backgrounds, especially as area managers in pharmacy and OTC sales. The wide diversity of educational qualifications results in teamwork in which the different backgrounds complement one another perfectly. But there is one thing that we all have in common: we are all fully committed to our products.

Constantly exchanging ideas: in Sales at MEDICE

Sales works hand in hand with Marketing. The materials produced in the Marketing department help our department sell products in a way that is tailored to the target group. Whether you work as a medical sales rep or in OTC sales – the most important thing is that your enthusiasm for our products and company comes across when you deal with customers. Our sales reps are fully committed to our products and advise doctors and pharmacists across the whole portfolio. They work at the grassroots level, collect valuable feedback and are the face of MEDICE in exchanges with our customers. Whether you are a qualified biologist, pharmacist or insurance salesperson – we are looking for genuine enthusiasts who have the drive needed for consultancy and sales. Does this sound like you? Then we look forward to receiving your application!