The innovators – Research & Development

Thinking our way ahead

Innovation and growth are key ingredients of our recipe for success. A high level of responsibility for the safety of pharmaceuticals is what drives us to keep making improvements to our products. In our Research & Development JobFamily we work on making progress every day and apply our scientific expertise – to optimise our products and ensure their safety, to achieve authorisation in new markets and to develop new business and new products.

Applying scientific expertise

Most of the people who work in our department have a soft spot for science. Many of them are biology, pharmacy, medicine or chemistry graduates. Some of them even have a PhD, although that’s not a requirement for joining our JobFamily. The career entry points are as many and varied as the tasks we cover. For instance, we offer special internship positions for university graduates, and final-year students writing their dissertation on a relevant topic can also get involved with MEDICE. Have you completed an apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical technician? Then our JobFamily is the right place for you as well!

Always playing it safe!

The focus in Research and Development is on providing medical and scientific support for our products. Doctors, pharmacists, patients and authorities ask questions and our answers have to be backed by science. So we need individuals who are passionate about acquiring pharmaceutical knowledge. As in all areas of our JobFamily, you also need a pronounced sense of responsibility because your tasks will include clinical expert reports in the context of drug authorisation procedures, and planning and carrying out trials. Pharmacovigilance is an important field at MEDICE. In our department we have information and safety officers, who handle the labelling of our products and risk analyses, among other things. Can you see yourself taking on responsibility here? Then we look forward to receiving your application!