The makers – Production & Engineering

Rolling up our sleeves: Production

We’re all about getting down to the nitty-gritty! We’re the technology enthusiasts at MEDICE and we use our expertise to look after the cutting-edge equipment. We are a diverse team but we follow the same objective in all areas of the production process: smooth, safe production of pharmaceuticals to established quality standards.

Many roads lead to us

There is a very wide range of disciplines in our section, so we are open-minded about qualification subjects. Every occupational field you can think of is represented in Production and Engineering: alongside trained chemists and pharmacists, we have engineers and industrial mechanics. And our comprehensive product portfolio calls for diversity because our production processes have to cope with products in solid and liquid form and with special coating methods. The finished products take the form of pellets, coated tablets and creams, all of which are produced and tested here in Iserlohn. If these tasks fascinate and appeal to you too, then you might be a good fit for our JobFamily. We look forward to receiving your convincing application!

A paradise for technology enthusiasts

If you’ve always loved tinkering with things, this is the ideal department for you! We have an extremely wide range of technology and equipment that we use for production and analysis. In all areas of the department we rely on a mix of cutting-edge equipment and tried-and-tested technology. The Galenic section supports all phases of pharmaceutical development from idea to authorisation, while Production and Quality Control ensure that we are able to discharge our responsibilities as a pharmaceutical manufacturer as well as possible at all times. The ‘Made in Iserlohn’ label is not just a promise of quality, but above all a shared commitment to our work at MEDICE.