The rising stars – apprenticeships at MEDICE

An apprenticeship at MEDICE – whether in a business, technical or scientific field – does not just stand for excellent specialist knowledge but also for maximum practical relevance. We support our apprentices with very close supervision and do everything we can to help them develop their full potential. As a result, our MEDICE apprentices are repeatedly among the best in their cohort within the South Westphalian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Join our JobFamily and start your career with a solid apprenticeship in a family firm with an international presence! We offer apprenticeships in the following occupations starting on 1 August each year:

  • Industrial management assistant (m/f/i)
  • Industrial management assistant EU (m/f/i)
  • Plant and machinery operator (m/f/i)
  • Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f/i)
  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/i)

Pharmaceutical technician (m/f/i)

Manufacturing and monitoring pharmaceuticals

Become an important link in the production chain for our high-quality products. In a pharmaceutical technician apprenticeship you will learn about production processes and take on technical tasks like setting up machines. You will supervise production, carry out quality analyses and monitor ongoing processes. Apply now and play an active role in creating our pharmaceuticals!

Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f/i)

Do you enjoy chemistry and maths?

Great, because for this apprenticeship you definitely shouldn’t be frightened of figures and scientific contexts! During your apprenticeship your tasks will include checking the identity, purity and content of raw material inputs. You will also inspect finished products and carry out various laboratory tasks, such as calibrating machinery. Together, we will ensure that our products always live up to our ‘Made in Iserlohn’ quality promise.

Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/i)

Expert management of goods

Do you love keeping things moving? During a warehouse logistics apprenticeship you will learn how to receive, control, store and deliver goods properly. You will help with the picking, packaging and labelling of goods. Using suitable means of conveyance and loading aids, you will move a large number of materials, including raw materials, finished goods and packaging materials. So – let’s get moving!

Industrial management assistant EU (m/f/i)

Involved in all area

During your apprenticeship you will be involved in all areas and pass through all the departments in the value chain: Controlling, Logistics, Accounting, Marketing and Sales. Every department at MEDICE has a broad spectrum of tasks relating to business processes – from dealing with suppliers in Purchasing to contact with customers. An apprenticeship in our JobFamily opens up promising future prospects.

Media designer digital and print (m/f/i)

Variety and creativity

At MEDICE you will have the opportunity to apply your creativity for a good cause! As part of your media design apprenticeship you will take on a range of different design tasks, such as producing business cards, brochures, adverts and flyers. Your sphere of activity also includes engaging with our corporate identity, photographing products, printing and editing. The tasks that you will take on at MEDICE are correspondingly varied.

Electronics technician for operating technology (m/f/i)

Technically brilliant

You will learn how to install, maintain and repair a wide range of production and operating equipment. Your tasks include, for example, configuring electrical control devices or modifying installed systems. You will play an active role and demonstrate craftsmanship in the production of mechanical parts. If the thought of electricity makes your fingers tingle, don’t hesitate to apply for one of our exciting apprenticeship places!

Plant and machinery operator (m/f/i)

An apprenticeship with vision

Do you dream of installing machines and operating production equipment? Then you’ve come to the right place! Tasks include aspects of environmental protection, occupational safety and economic efficiency. In this apprenticeship you will learn how to choose test procedures and devices, how to carry out quality assurance measures and document manufacturing data – because at MEDICE the safety of our pharmaceuticals is paramount.

Industrial mechanic (m/f/i)

A love of machines

Let’s tackle this together! At MEDICE we will teach you the basics of metal technology, automation, maintenance and repair. During your apprenticeship you will manufacture metal parts, maintain specialist machines and assemble parts in accordance with technical drawings. After three and a half years you will be adept and will know, for instance, the correct way to use tools and materials.

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