The active networker

On an equal footing

The hierarchies are very flat here. Everyone is treated equally and you soon feel as if you belong. Our down-to-earth managers show us that we are not just employees, but are seen and valued as individuals.

I’ve found mentors here who support me in all situations in life.

Kerim Demirtas



Industrial management apprenticeship (started 2017) at MEDICE

Current position

Industrial management apprentice in the IT department


Teamassistent Koordination MuV / Internetkommunikation

Personal growth

I have grown up and become more mature and I’ve been able to develop my own personality. I quickly realised that I can be fully involved alongside my colleagues and that I’m not seen as green and inexperienced. I’ve been able to quickly pick up lots of soft skills which you don’t get taught at school by dealing with different people, and I’ve used them for my personal development.

A strong bond

I’ve made lots of new friends here who make the work more enjoyable and provide new incentives. We often spend time together after work as well – in the gym or playing football. There are plenty of leisure opportunities for us here too.

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