The business-minded scientist

Science and industry

For me, the job of medical advisor is the ideal mix of science and medical marketing. The focus is clearly on the latest scientific findings in my field – but I also gain fascinating insights into the marketing of over-the-counter medicines and can play an active role in shaping it through scientific input.

I always want to know all the data and facts.

Nadine Roese

Research & Development


Master of Science in biology, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Current position

Medical advisor in the Medical department


Business development manager at a company that develops medical devices

A healthy balance

I think the MediCampus programme is fantastic. It promotes a sense of community among colleagues and gives me the chance to do something for myself straight after work, like yoga, for instance. It means that work-life balance isn’t even an issue because MEDICE itself provides the necessary balance.

Openness and appreciation

At MEDICE there is an extremely friendly and open atmosphere – despite the expanding size, the personal contact to each employee is not disappearing. You get a lot of positive feedback and appreciation. By switching to MEDICE, my working day has become much more open and cheerful.

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