The flexible analyst

Different angles

I think many people aren’t aware of how much work and time goes into developing a pharmaceutical drug. I only understood that properly after having worked here for a few years. I was able to gain insights into various departments and help shape projects from different angles.

New doors will keep on opening.

Michael Marx

Production & Engineering


Apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant at MEDICE

Current position

QA systems/QC qualification officer in Quality Assurance


Qualification officer for laboratory and test equipment in Quality Control

Flexibility in all life situations

I find the flexible working hours brilliant. I built a house last year, something that always involves a few stressful situations. It was definitely very useful to have permission from my supervisor to drive to the building site every now and then to check on the work or consult with the workmen on-site.

Sustainable growth

I’m interested in processes and I like to know exactly how they are linked to other processes in systems. I think a thirst for knowledge is one of the most important character traits for a scientist. But to learn something properly you need patience as well as curiosity. It takes time to do something well. Here at MEDICE I can take the time I need.

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