The outgoing man of action

Excellent future prospects

MEDICE is a family firm with excellent potential over the coming decades. The company is financially healthy and always takes decisions with an eye to long-term development. Moreover, the corporate culture shaped by the people here is particularly friendly. It is very easy to be absorbed into the MEDICE family, and I still feel very happy here after ten years.

Objectives are more important than presence or bureaucracy.

Jan Linnemann

Marketing & Sales


Industrial management apprenticeship in the Münster region

Current position

Sales director


Key account manager and team leader at Boehringer Ingelheim

Human connections

I can make a full contribution here. I get to know and work with lots of people. Because of MEDICE’s growth, our department had to expand considerably and it was fun helping to shape that and building a team of very good colleagues who are simply brilliant, both professionally and personally.

High levels of responsibility

I can decide for myself how I approach my work and where I get involved. And my boss trusts me to structure my working day myself. Flat hierarchies and a high level of decision-making freedom are what characterise the culture at MEDICE – entrepreneurship is something that’s actively practised. That’s why we know not only what we’re working for but also who we’re working for.

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